Goliath - Our larges M-ROV system on the hull of Norne FPSO

The Goliath system was our first successful M-ROV design which proved the concept and has become a reliable work horse ever since. The first operation for the system was a hull crack repair on the hull of Norne FPSO. Ever after, Remotion have been developing new M-ROV systems to be able to take on a wide range of operations related to FPSO hulls, such as

  • Subsea hull crack repairs
  • Plug- installation and removal
  • Inspections under demanding conditions
  • Hull cleaning
  • Hull coating preparation and applying of coating (Robocoat System, TRL 4)

All of Remotion`s M-ROV systems are equipped with an Emergency Release System (EQD), which ensures that the M-ROV can be detached and retained under any conditions.

Remotion has two caterogies of systems; belt driven and 4×4 wheel drive systems. Both uses permanent magnets to achieve a high traction force onto the hull, abeling the systems to carry relatively high loads.¨

Most of our systems can operate in and below the splashzone. The designes has a low profile and large footprint to reduce the hydrodynamic drag, enabeling them to operate in the splashzone in up to 5m Hs wave conditions. The smart drive units design on our ebables them to tackle most of the geometries of subsea structures and hulls.

The M-ROV systems come on-board in a compact package, compared to conventional ROVs. The part of an M-ROV system package are the M-ROV vehicle, a 15ft container, a safety wire and an umbilical winch.

The systems can be launched via Remotion`s Launch & Revovery System or by use of a crane.

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Hull crack repairs

Subsea Hull Crack Repairs

Sea chest blinding

Inspections under demanding conditions

Offshore Hull Cleaning

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