Hydropower & Pipes

Tri-pod adjustable diameter concept. ID on figure: 1200mm.

Remotion can deliver custom made robotic solutions for internal pipes with the following applications:

  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Ultra high pressure water cleaing/paint stripping
  • Sandblasting

Several conceptual designs have already been developed. The design can be customized on request. These tools will normally be equiped with:

  • HD cameras
  • LED lights

This ensures that a good visual inspection of the treated area can be conducted, without personnel inside the pipe.

Axial movement of the tool itself is normally controlled by a winch system outside the pipe. In situation where this is not possible, the tool can be designed with internal motors on the wheel, eliminating the need for the winch.

For any further details and options, please feel free to contact us!


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Offshore Hull Cleaning

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