Hull maintenance related services with M-ROV

Remotion can offer a wide range of hull maintenance related services with our M-ROV systems to the maritime market, such as

  • Subsea hull crack repairs
  • Plug- installation and removal
  • Inspections under demanding conditions
  • Hull cleaning
  • Hull coating preparation and applying of coating (Robocoat System, TRL 4)

Remotion has two caterogies of systems; belt driven and 4×4 wheel drive systems. Both uses permanent magnets to achieve a high traction force onto the hull, abeling the systems to carry relatively high loads.

The M-ROV systems come on-board in a compact package, compared to conventional ROVs. The part of an M-ROV system package are the M-ROV vehicle, a 15ft container, a safety wire and an umbilical winch.

The systems can be launched via Remotion`s Launch & Recovery System or by use of a crane. For inshore operations, the system can also be deployed from a sperate barge or a smaller vessel.

Checked out relevant applid systems below, for further information on each M-ROV system.


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Offshore Hull Cleaning

Sea chest blinding

Hull crack repairs

Subsea Hull Crack Repairs

Inspections under demanding conditions

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