The user friendly and easy to operate robot

In collaboration with Nijburg Trading & Engineering we present our new developed magnetic cleaning robot.

The user friendly and easy to operate robot is developed to clean large vertical steel surfaces to assist (cleaning) contractors both in shipping and petrochemical Industry.

The high possible payload (150kg) does allow the 4-wheel carrier to be equipped with

Several (cleaning) tools. The robot can be fitted with high pressure water cleaning or paint stripping tools.
Also, inspection and camera modules can be placed. All the control units are onboard in a watertight IP69K aluminium control box. The onboard computer allows further extension for fully autonomous operation. Light washing or removal of the toughest paints can be performed semi or automatically.


  • CE, ATEX II, NEN-EN-IEC60204-1
  • Remote controlled
  • Power supply: 48volt DC
  • Weight: 69Kg
  • Magnetic holding force: 530Kg
  • Payload: 150Kg
  • Speed: 10meter/min
  • Does fit trough a 60cm manhole

Onboard control box

  • Warning / Indicator light
  • IP69K (50-meter water depth)
  • Watertight subcon connectors.


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