First free flying ROV operation



North Sea

Application: Underwater Hull Crack Repairs


Although our main product is our magnetic robots operated in the splash-zone, our track record for underwater habitat solutions and a returning clients need to seal of an area under the flat bottom, between anchor lines and production risers near the turret brought us back to a traditional ROV.

A small work class ROV was hired from a collaboration partner, and while our engineering team designed a frame for the ROV to be equipped with the habitat, our technicians team installed the topside ROV controls into an ATEX Zone 02 and NORSOK Z-015 approved control van.

A FAT was completed in our testpool before start of the operation. After a first week of “winter storms” in May, our offshore team managed to successfully install the habitat and undock it from the ROV.

The habitat was operated from topside controls while the repair was conducted, and it was later returned to deck with a lifting wire.


Hull crack repairs

Underwater Hull Crack Repairs