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A unique team with unique ideas!

We are Remotion, an engineering company offering cutting-edge robotic solutions for offshore asset maintenance. Our journey started as an idea for a solution that could outperform existing technologies in the demanding splash zone, challenging traditional beliefs in design and operational methods in the industry.

After several years of research and development, we launched our first robotic system in 2016. Since then, we have designed, engineered, and produced six unique robots that we continually enhance and modernize to benefit the industry and the environment. In addition, we have developed numerous practical tools for use in conjunction with our robots. Together, our system achieves unparalleled performance in offshore asset maintenance.

We cover the entire process, from design and engineering to production, assembly, and field operations.  Our range of advanced robots has become a new way to solve challenging tasks in the splash zone, with a strong safety commitment, increased weather resistance, reduced costs and impact on the marine ecosystem.

Remotion has become a prominent offshore asset maintenance technology provider and a world-leading supplier of magnetic remote-controlled robots for demanding offshore splash zone operations.

As our technology has advanced over the years, we entered the Fabric Maintenance and Asset Integrity Segment, where our robotic solutions make offshore operations more sustainable and safer for personnel and the environment. Our robots assure safety, efficiency, and quality.

Remotion offers the following capabilities:

  • Splash Zone operations as a service
  • Fabric Maintenance and Asset Integrity robotics as a service
  • Engineering as a service
  • Magnetic Robots as trade products (under development)

Remotion is headquartered in Sandnes, Norway. Here, we run our multidisciplinary engineering and technical department. We also own a modern mechanical workshop and a 500m2 test lab. Our remote teams are also located in Hungary.

Our success is based upon our core values: Commitment, Flexibility, Resilience, and Drive for Quality.

We are a customer-focused organisation with an extensive track record. Our team drive to succeed and surpass our clients’ expectations. We base our working culture on honesty and transparency.

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