About Remotion

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A unique team with unique ideas!

Remotion is an independent Norwegian company with its headquarters in Stavanger, Norway and was established as a new segment of BR Industrier AS in early 2014.

Remotion delivers unique hull repair, maintenance and inspection services based on our technology of magnetic robots (M-ROV). We feel comfortable in the splash zone above and below the waterline. Where divers and conventional ROVs struggle, our M-ROVs handle the demanding hydrodynamics with ease. Our M-ROVs are deployed directly from the FPSO or platform with no need for additional support vessel. It can be self-deployed from a deployment frame or with use of crane. In up to 4,5m Hs wave height the systems can perform close visual inspection with full HD and unique picture quality, habitat installations, friction welding, NDT and light construction tasks

Our success is based upon our core values; being committed, flexible, resilient and quality oriented.

Remotion`s main business area is our splash zone concept.
The company is organised in three divisions;


We are a project oriented organisation with an extensive track record. Both our management team and employees have a culture of succeeding and exceeding our clients expectations. At Remotion we have a strong and honest working culture that we are proud of.

Remotion is part of BR Industrier.

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