A black vehicle with wheels

ATEX-compliant magnetic robot with robust design

Introducing Proteus Safe, the world’s first electrical magnetic robot compliant with ATEX Zone 01 and relevant IEC Standards.

Built with precision, it features two ATEX Zone 01 brushless servo motors from Parker Hannifin, ensuring exceptional motion quality, dynamic acceleration/deceleration capabilities, and high torque output. The design includes robust connectors for secure, reliable umbilical connections that withstand harsh conditions.

Proteus Safe is approved according to II 3 G Ex IIB T3 Gb X; on request, the robot can be delivered according to II 2 G Ex h IIB Gb X.

Technical data

Dimensions (LxWxH)725mm x 398mm x 345mm
Weight in kg standard configuration50
Magnetic holding force in kg935
Theoretical max payload80
Maximum driving speed (m/s)1,7
Electrical Supply Voltage (V)230 AC
Electrical Robot Voltage (V) 230 AC
Electrical Frequence (Hz)50-60
Distance between topside and robot (m)80
ATEX TopsideZone 01
ATEX RobotZone 01
Cameras1 IP
Available tooling power24VDC 2A
High PressureX
Hydro BlastingX
Grit BlastingX
Linear ToolX