Filter Unit Cardev

Filter unit for removal of water and particles in hydraulic fluids

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Simple to install and use on multiple systems

• Oil cleanliness maintained at “better than new*” levels
• Up to 99.9% water removed (both free and dissolved water)
• Removes microparticles & salt, down to 1 micron and smaller
• Increases system reliability
• Prevents system corrosion
• Reduces component wear
• Extends oil life and generates CO2 savings
• Reduces operating costs
• Enables filtration during operation or shutdown

Application Examples
Often used to maintain oil of ROVs on deck in between dives.

• Power generation
• Plastic moulding
• Cement Industry
• Manufacturing plants
• Winches
• Cranes
• A-Frames
• ROV Launch and
Recovery Systems – LARS
• Tether Management System – TMS
• HPUs