Two new Icarus systems ready for operation

In January, Remotion ASBeerenberg and PRESSERV were challenged by Equinor to robotize the current manual application of STOPAQ B.V. wrapping.

Stopaq is a tape that is applied as an alternative to paint. It removes the oxygen in the same way and extends the life of the steel by as much as 30 years! The Stopaq product itself and a mechanical protective tape are applied. This meant that our solution had to be able to apply two different tape products at the same time, with different overlap specifications and collect the protection film used on the roll while it decreases in diameter and accelerates, all whiling applying the products with proper and same pre-tension.

From an idea in February, we delivered the solution in June! And after a HazID and FMECA hosted by DNV, our new robot was sent straight offshore where it worked just as planned and significantly increased the efficiency.
Remotion now got three Icarus systems available for operation; both wrapping, inspection or surface preparation with vacuum collection of the debris.

We would like to thank our partners PRESSERV and Beerenberg for a fantastic collaboration during this development!