Pluto transforms confined space operations

Experience the future of confined space operations with Pluto, our compact mangnetic robot designed for versatile use in confined spaces, pressure vessels, pipes and more. Equipped with camera and lighting system, Pluto can be remotely controlled from a safe distance, providing operator with unparalleled convenience and safety.

Operational excellence made simple

Pluto’s operational principle is straightforward – it’s low weight allows for easy lifting into position, and it becomes operational within minutes. This efficiency makes it an ideal choice for various applications.

Grit blasting without the noise

Pluto excels in grit blasting scenarios, allowing operators to stay outside the tank and away from the high noise area typically associated with this process. Additionally, it’s perfect for high-pressure and ulta-high-pressure cleaning tasks. A 180mm vaccum dome efficiently handles wastewater, ensuring a cleanand eco-friendly operation. The vaccum seal can be customized for flat or curved surfaces, making it versitale for pipe operations. Pluto also supports NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) and Close Visual Inspections with two auxiliary ports available.

Seamless integartion in ship structures

In ship structures, Pluto’s swing arm or robotic manipulator arm can operate within the frames where the robot is installed, as well as on the side frames in a 600mm widt frame structure. This adaptability ensures efficient use in various challenging geometries scenarios.

Ready for action

We deliver Pluto “ready to go”. Everything you need is conveniently installed on a trolley, including an ATEX Zone 01 approved Power and Control cabinet, a 21,5″ Full HD Remote Monitor, and cables. All compliantwith NORSOK Z-015 standard. 

Technical Data

Dimensions (LxWxH)429mm x 342mm x 325mm
Weight in kg standard configuration32
IP / SubseaIP67
Magnetic holding force in kg250
Theoretical max payload30
Maximum driving speed (m/s)0,16
Electrical Supply Voltage (V)230 AC
Electrical Robot Voltage (V)48 VDC
Electrical Supply Fuse (A)10
Electrical Frequence (Hz)50-60
Distance between topside and robot (m)80
ATEX TopsideZone 02
ATEX RobotSafe Area
Cameras2x IP
Available tooling power24VDC 2A
High PressureX
Hydro BlastingX
Grit BlastingX
Robotic ArmX