Proteus Smart revolutionizes subsurface treatment

Unlock the future of subsurface treatment with our groundbreaking Proteus Smart robotic tool carrier. Built on the fundation of our cutting-edge Helios technology, Proteus Smart offers a versatile and innovative approach to subsurface treatment in various scenarios.

Beyond Line of Sight and In Line of Sight Operations

Proteus is designed to excel in both beyond line-of-sight operations, where remote control from is essential, and in line-of-sight operations, where the operator is in direct control of the robot. It’s also perfect for confined spaces like tanks.

Revolutionary Mobility

Unlike many magnetic robots that rely on simple mechanical principles, Proteus takes inspiration from our Helios robot’s philosophy. It boasts exceptional mobility with a three-wheel drive system, with a powered aft wheel. This design allows for gentle manoeuvring towards subsurfaces while maintaining a powerful magnetic holding force.

Adaptable Wheel Modules

The two front wheel modules that are hinged and adjustable, making it suitable for operations on curved surfaces, whether it’s the inside or outside diameter of a pipe.

Intuitive Remote Control

Take full control of Proteus Smart effortlessly with it’s advanced yet user-friendly electronic control system. Operate the robot remotely with ease and stay informned with real-time status updates displayed into the control cabinet.

Remote Connectivity

Stay connected at all times with the built-in 4G modem in the control cabinet. This feature enables remote control for servicing needs and allows the transmission of key performance indicator (KPI) data to clients for enhanced collaboration and monitoring.

Versitaile Tooling Options

Proteus comes equipped with additional two standrad motor drives for tooling operations and three auxiliary ports with communication and DC power for tooling. Additionally, it offers the option of a 450mm hydro blasting and vaccum tooling for specialized surface treatment tasks.

Technical Data

Dimensions (LxWxH)809mm x 584mm 431mm
Weight in kg standard configuration75
IP / SubseaIP67
Magnetic holding force in kg935
Theoretical max payload80
Maximum driving speed (m/s)0,3
Electrical Supply Voltage (V) 230AC
Electrical Robot Voltage (V)400DC
Electrical Supply Fuse (A)10
Electrical Frequence (Hz)50-60
Distance between topside and robot (m)80
ATEX TopsideZone 02
ATEX RobotSafe Area
Cameras2x IP
Available tooling power3x 24VDC + 2x 48VDC
High PressureX
Hydro BlastingX
Grit BlastingX
Linear ToolX
Robotic ArmX