Latch and Bullet 0,5Te WLL

ROV Latch and bullet 0,5Te WLL

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The Latches and bullets are designed to be used for to lift an ROV out of the water, without
using the umbilical for lifting in air. The bullet is attached to the main structure, thus taking
the load off the umbilical.

  • Bullet, locking dogs and handle is made from
    high strength steel.
    Main body made of seawater resistant
  • Door to allow for entering of umbilical into the
  • Handle will fit a shackle of same capacity as the
  • The standard bullet does not allow for load
    termination inside of the bullet. Load
    termination of the umbilical must be done
  • Specially designed bullets for load terminating
    in the bullet may be designed. This is
    dependent of the umbilical design.