The surface treatment revolution

Helios is the main platform for our RoboCoat system.
The RoboCoat System is a joint venture by Remotion AS and Aker BP.  Due to the increasing global concern for the microplast pollution of our oceans the authorities globally tightening the rules for plastic emission of the offshore surface treatment operations.  The goal was to develop a remote operated, efficient and complete surface treatment system with zero emissions to the natural environment and which can be operated under offshore conditions without interrupting the production and the daily routines of the installation. The RoboCoat can remove the old coating, sandblast and repaint the surface without emitting paint residues into the environment while the vessel is in normal offshore operation, and it does that with an unparalleled efficiency compared to the traditional methods.

The RoboCoat Vehicle

The heart of the system is the carrier robot Helios. This wheel driven robot is gentle to the surface while it is manoeuvrable, can carry medium load, and its servo drives and control software provide the required precision for this type of work. The RoboCoat vehicle is IP68 rated, fully electric, lightweight Magnetic-ROV.

The RoboCoat Tooling

In addition to the carrier robot we had to develop or adopt the required tooling to succeed with our goals. We have cooperated with innovative suppliers with long experience in the surface treatment industry to create lightweight and efficient devices.

UHP Vacuum Blasting

For the removal of the old coating the RoboCoat applies an Ultra High-Pressure Water blasting tool combined with vacuum suction. With a water jet of 40 l/min at 2,700 bar it removes the coating with high efficiency. The removed coating together with the blasting water is transported through a vacuum hose into an on-board filtering unit where the paint particles get separated and stored.

UHP blasting and vacuum tool installed on the Helios

Vacuum Sandblasting

When necessary the surface can be treated by sandblasting the achieve the required profile. For this purpose, a vacuum sandblasting head by Pinovo is applied. The blasting media and the dust is transported onto deck by a vacuum line where the abrasives get recycled and the waste is stored.

Sandblasting tool installed on the Helios


Remotion AS is developing a dust free, automatic spraying booth for airless spraying. It is equipped with inbuilt filter and suction to keep the spray dust and fumes under control. Combined with a two-component pump and advanced control technology, the tool can be precisely calibrated for the required WTF (wet film thickness). The tool is currently under development.

Sandblasting tool installed on the Helios


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