Offshore Hull Cleaning

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It was our first successful M-ROV design which proved the concept and has become a reliable work horse ever since. It is equipped with 4 patented Remotion magnetic belt drive units which ensures a magnetic traction force up to 3,5 T.

It is designed to carry high loads along steel hulls and structures in and below the splashzone. Thanks to its low profile and large footprint to reduce its hydrodynamic drag, it can work in the splashzone under 5m Hs wave conditions.

The M-ROV 2 is a hydraulic powered vehicle with on-board HPU and valve pack. It is a very stable tool platform, capable to carry and operate a wide variety of loads including standard ROV tooling.

Despite its larger footprint, with its smart drive unit design it can tackle most of the geometries of subsea structures and hulls.

It is equipped with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQD) which ensures that the M-ROV can be detached and retained under any condition.

The M-ROV 2 can be launched from deck via a ramp or the help of a crane.

The M-ROV 2 comes on-board in a compact package compared to conventional ROVs. The parts of the package are the vehicle, a 15ft control container a safety wire- and an umbilical winch. The required footprint on board is:

The M-ROV 2 is best suitable for operations where high load capacity is necessary.

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