Robotic Fabric Maintenance

The Icarus system at work at the Oseberg D platform

Our robotic solutions make fabric maintenance operations more sustainable and safer for personnel and the environment. All works can be performed offshore with superior efficiency and excellent precision. Currently, our services include:

Ultra-high Pressure Vacuum Blasting

Remotion’s RoboCoat technology combines Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) water with vacuum suction to remove old coating. The scrapped paint and blasting water get through a vacuum hose into an onboard filtering unit where the paint particles are separated and waste treated. A water jet of 40 l/min at 2,500 bar makes the entire process very efficient: the robot can complete 60m2 of surface per hour. The wheel-driven robot has advanced differential steering to manoeuvre gently over the surface Advanced drives and control software assure great operational precision. 

Vacuum Grit Blasting

Our Helios robot can efficiently grit blast the surface to achieve the required profile. The blasting agents and the dust are transported back to the deck by a vacuum line, where the abrasives are recycled, and the waste is stored. The technology features an efficiency of 10m2 of surface per hour.


Remotion has developed a dust-free, automatic spraying booth for airless spraying. The system features an inbuilt filter and suction to control the spray dust and fumes. Users can precisely calibrate the tool for the required wet film thickness (WTF). The spray paint shielding hood assures optimized pressure and distance to the surface. It also significantly increases transfer efficiency. 

Our advanced robotic technology offers significant benefits:


With our RoboCoat system, all fabric maintenance works are performed offshore without interrupting a platform’s production and daily working routines. There is no requirement to dock a vessel onshore for hull maintenance.

Due to its sizeable magnetic holding power, our robot Helios offers unique and unmatched across the industry efficiency. The machine aims to complete 60m2 of surface per working shift versus the estimated 3m2 typically completed by manual labour for all sequences in a re-painting system on hulls; degreasing, removing old paint, re-establish surface profile and a three layers coating system.

Environmental & Compliance

Paint particles and microplastics are often released into the natural environment during fabric maintenance operations. These elements are extremely toxic to marine life, releasing poisonous metal ions and thus harming birds, mammals and other wildlife. Also, chemicals leaching from microplastics, including Pb, are noxious to bacteria, invertebrates, and fish. 

Remotion has developed a unique technology to address this problem: a remotely operated, efficient and complete surface treatment system with zero emissions to the natural environment.


Deploying robots to carry heavy and dangerous tools is much safer than engaging personnel to perform fabric maintenance tasks. Our machines can work efficiently in various weather conditions, saving staff from noise exposure and reaction force, working in heights and ultra-high pressure.


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