Full electric, high mobility, lightweight M-ROV.

Achilles is a high mobility, electric magnetic vehicle for subsea operations. With its unique steering and wheel drive it can tackle a high variety of geometries while it is gentle to the surface by minimising the torsional friction during manoeuvres. It was originally developed as the Helios vehicle as a part of the RoboCoat system and based on the great performace developed to a subsea version – Achilles.

Achilles is a compact vehicle with small footprint and high magnetic force of approx. 1,600 kg. It is an all-electric system, powered via an umbilical cable from topside. It is equipped with two pan & tilt and four stationary HD cameras.

The large diameter wheels combined with adaptive magnetic suspension which ensures that the magnets self-align with the changing geometry of the ferromagnetic surface, keeping the magnets parallel with the surface and the magnetic force constant. It`s design allows the vehicle to cross angled structures

The vehicles steering system ensures high manoeuvrability with minimised torsional friction. This protects the surface coating and allows the vehicle to be used during delicate operations like surface treatment or working on antifouling coated hulls.

Achilles is equipped with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQD) which ensures that vehicle can be detached and retained under any condition.

Thanks to its exceptional turning radius and small footprint it can manoeuvre around obstacles and narrow passages on the subsea structures. The compact design also makes it convinient to ship, handle, launch or recover to deck.

The design makes it optimal to be used for subsea operations with lighter load and extended movement / manoeuvring demand like inspections, plugging and cleaning.

The hydrodynamic drag is reduced by its low profile and open structure design, Achilles can work in the splashzone under 3.0m Hs wave conditions.

Achilles is a fully electrical system. It is remote controlled from topside via a compact umbilical cable. The vehicle is equipped with 6 HD cameras (including 2 pan & tilt)

The M-ROV4 can be launched and retained from deck by a deployment ramp or by crane.


Achilles with a standard linear tool actuator.
Achilles with a 24″ sea chest plug
Achilles during operation in the North Sea
Technical Data
Dimensions (LxWxH)977mm x 1110mm x 700mm
Weight, dry250 kg
Magnetic Force1200 kg
Depth Rating150m
Payload100 kg
OtherFully electrical system. Fibre telemetry


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Hull crack repairs

Subsea Hull Crack Repairs

Inspections under demanding conditions