Full electric, high mobility, lightweight M-ROV.

Achilles is a high-mobility, electric magnetic robot designed ultimately for underwater operations. Unique steering and four-wheel drive make it possible for the robot to tackle very diverse geometries. The robot is very gentle to the treated surface, minimizing the torsional friction during maneuvering.

It was originally developed as the Helios vehicle, a part of the RoboCoat system, a joint venture Remotion AS and Aker BP formed to address a global problem of microplastic pollution.

Achilles is a compact vehicle with a small footprint and high magnetic force of approx. 1,600 kg. It is an all-electric system, powered via an umbilical cable from a topside. It is equipped with two pan & tilt and four stationary HD cameras.

Achilles effortlessly cross-angles structures. Large-diameter wheels combined with an adaptive magnetic suspension keep the magnets parallel with the surface and the magnetic force constant. This way, the magnets self-align with the changing geometry of the ferromagnetic surface.

With an Emergency Quick Release System (EQD), the vehicle can be detached and recovered back to the deck if the communication is lost.

Achilles is optimised for underwater operations demanding lighter load and extended movement and maneuvering. It has been successfully used for inspections, plugging and cleaning, but it can also carry other tools. For example: the robot can dive with a 450mm-wide cofferdam plate between the wheels, operated by two electric linear actuators and with a linear tool in front. Or it can run with an electrical grinding machine and cleaning tool. Some examples of suitable tooling are pictured below.

Achilles with linear cleaning and grinding tool.
Achilles with 24-inch plug tool
Achilles with tools in front and 450mm habitat plate between wheels
Technical Data
Dimensions (LxWxH)977mm x 1110mm x 700mm
Weight, dry250 kg
Magnetic Force1200 kg
Depth Rating150m
Payload100 kg
OtherFully electrical system. Fibre telemetry


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Hull crack repairs

Underwater Hull Crack Repairs

Inspections under demanding conditions

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