Compact and powerful M-ROV

Hercules is a belt driven, compact Magnetic ROV. It is based on the technology of its larger sibling, the Goliath. It is equipped with two patented Remotion magnetic belt drive units which ensures a magnetic traction force up to 1600 kg on steel surfaces. 

Thanks to its exceptional turning radius and small footprint it can manoeuvre around obstacles and narrow passages on the hull structures. The compact design also makes it easier to ship, handle, launch and recover vehicle on deck. 

The design makes it optimal to be used for subsea operations with lighter load and extended movement / manoeuvring demand like inspections and cleaning. 

The hydrodynamic drag is reduced by its low profile and open structure design, the Hercules can work in the splash zone up to 3,5m Hs wave conditions. 

Hercules is a hydraulic powered vehicle empowered by a topside HPU and on-board valve pack. It is a very stable tool platform, capable to carry and operate a wide variety of tooling. 

In addition to its manoeuvrability, with its flexible undercarriage system, Hercules can manoeucre over a wide range of structure geometries. 

The Hercules is moves easily on round surfaces.

It is equipped with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQD) which ensures that the M-ROV can be detached and retained under any condition.

The Hercules can be launched and retained from deck by a deployment ramp or by crane.

The Hercules comes on-board in a compact package compared to conventional ROVs. The parts of the package are the vehicle, an HPU, a 14ft control container a safety winch and umbilical winch.

Technical Data
Dimensions (LxWxH)1686mm x 1140mm x 588mm
Weight, dry400 kg
Magnetic Force 1600 kg
Depth Rating150m
Payload100 kg
OtherFibre telemetry, hydraulic motors, onboard valve block for tooling. Available AC/DC power for tooling.


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Hull crack repairs

Subsea Hull Crack Repairs

Inspections under demanding conditions

Sea chest blinding

Offshore Hull Cleaning