Goliath - Our larges M-ROV system

Our advanced robots offer unmatched resilience and efficiency performing challenging tasks in the splash zone. Featuring increased weather resistance, enhanced safety, reduced costs and operated directly from the vessel, our technology sets a new standard for the offshore industry. 

Goliath is designed to carry high payloads along steel hulls and structures in the splash zone. The technology operates well in challenging wave conditions up to 5.5m Hs. Goliath’s capabilities are used in: 

Installation of cofferdams for sea chest blinding
Hull crack repairs
Non-destructive inspection

Hercules works efficiently in the splash zone in wave conditions up to 3.5m Hs. Exceptional turning radius and small footprint allow the machine to manoeuvre easily around obstacles and narrow passages on the hull structures. Hercules is used for:

Non destructive testing

Close visual inspection
Offshore hull cleaning
Suction anchors recover

Achilles is an all-electric compact vehicle with a small footprint and high magnetic force. The machine is equipped with two pans & tilt and four stationary HD cameras. Achilles has been optimized for underwater operations demanding a lighter load and extended movement and manoeuvring for challenging geometries. The robot is used for:


Sea chest plugging

Installation of cofferdams 



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Hull crack repairs

Underwater Hull Crack Repairs

Sea chest blinding

Inspections under demanding conditions

Offshore Hull Cleaning

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